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Buy smart. Buy direct
from private sellers.

Motorway is the new way to find and buy privately-owned used cars and vans – 100% online and without the middlemen.

We're the UK's fastest-growing marketplace for premium used vehicles. Join Motorway to supercharge your stock acquisition today.

  • The best stock every day

    All cars are direct from private owners, exclusively available for our dealers to bid on and buy in our daily online sales.

  • Market-leading profiles

    Sellers and cars are fully qualified, and every listing includes detailed photos, condition, specs and service history information.

  • The right price

    We connect dealers directly with private owners, with fair pricing for both parties – without middlemen taking a cut.

  • 100% online purchasing

    Why drive to auctions? Buy directly from any device. Our smart technology makes securing stock effortless and contact-free.

100s of prime retail vehicles for sale

How it works

Step 1

Join Motorway for free

Sign up today to access all cars in our daily online sale. It’s free to get exclusive access to hundreds of fresh, premium vehicles to buy every day.

Once approved, we’ll guide you through buying cars on the platform. It’s quick to get started and our team is on hand to help you secure your first cars on Motorway.

Step 2

Browse exclusive stock

We offer a huge range of high quality, privately-owned cars across all the major brands and alert you when suitable stock becomes available.

Each vehicle is fully profiled by our team, with detailed photos, specs, condition and service history. Sellers are vetted and price expectations are set to the right level for a fuss-free sale for both parties.

Step 3

Bid easily online

It’s easy to view stock on any device and place bids instantly online.

Thanks to our proxy bidding system, you just need to set your maximum bid for a vehicle during the sale, and it will automatically bid on your behalf in increments of £50. Never overpay to secure a vehicle.

With no middlemen, and the flexibility to bid as you see fit, Motorway puts you in control.

Step 4

We close the sale for you

If you place the winning bid, our team will automatically confirm the transaction with the seller and connect both parties to complete the handover.

Our sale closing process is fast, automated and designed to be quick and stress-free for everyone.

Step 5

Complete the purchase

Our dedicated team is always on hand to assist with every purchase. Our collection service can inspect and collect on your behalf, then deliver directly to your dealership.

We charge fees on successful purchases only.

With Motorway, it’s easy to acquire the best stock with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency.

Testimonials from our dealers

Supercharge your
stock acquisition and
buy direct with Motorway

Supercharge your stock acquisition
and buy direct with Motorway